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Monday, September 14, 2009

Clean Blood
My doctor called me today with the results of my blood test from last week.  The tests showed no tumor markers.  He's going to present my CAT scan at the biweekly "Tumor Board" meeting at Hershey, which all of the oncologists and radiologists attend and consult.  I feel rather special knowing that some of the best minds at Hershey Medical Center will be looking at my lungs....I would have worn better underwear had I known that was going to happen....
9:00 pm est

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Well, here it is, the new and improved keysandhammers.com!  We're sorry it's been down for a while, but we've been rather busy!
There are a couple of new improvements that we're excited about.  First is the new design.  We've switched from godaddy.com to fatcow.com as our hosting service provider, and so far, we're much happier with fatcow.com.  Next is our intergrated photo page.  Click on a photo, and it will take you to a link that had a much larger photo display, thanks to Adobe Lightroom.  Thanks to Zak Keller for the recommendation!
We hope you'll check back often, and we'll try to keep the site up to date!


What's New?

A new website!  Woo-hoo!

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